Source One's Bliss is a Canadian company that makes products with integrity, using ingredients and materials that are safe for families and the environment, always keeping in mind the importance of supporting our country's economy and our neighbours.


Source One's BLISS is about just that; sourcing one's bliss, or finding one's happiness. To us, BLISS is being able to use our knowledge and expertise in the cleaning supplies industry, combined with our love for our country and its people, to bring you quality, effective household products!


We are proud to offer a way for Canadian households to build a powerful residual income stream through our simple referral system. This income stream allows our representatives to "Source One's BLISS," by leveraging time and money. What would you love to have more time to enjoy?

Are You Interested In the Products or the Opportunity?

Welcome to a Blissful Home

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Welcome to a Blissful Life 

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"Being a Bliss Representative has given me incredible opportunities! It has helped me put food on our table (worry free), and I've even been able to put some towards my monthly mortgage, bills and savings for my son's education! But that's not all! It's allowed me to be able to spend more time at home with my son, has allowed me to switch careers, and it has given me new-found friendships and a more positive mindset. I can not thank Bliss enough!" - Kayla Madsen

"It felt great to clean my son's highchair tray with Bliss products, and know there were no harmful chemicals!" - Julie Cloney
"The cleaning products are amazing! My 2 boys have asthma and usually, each time I dust, one boy always has an attack. I have been using all the products for the past week, and not an attack in sight! It smells awesome and really works! Thank you, Source One's Bliss!" - Cara Hatt